Gas Fryers or Electric Fryers, Which are perfect for Restaurants?

Gas Fryers: When it comes to gas fryers, customers have a choice between Natural gas and liquid propane (LP). Most kitchens are out fitted with natural gas lines for cooking, but in the case that it isn’t or you have a personal preference to liquid propane fryers, we have the LP fryers that you are looking for. Additionally, gas fryers have faster recovery times. Time is important when you have a high volume restaurant, and these gas fryers help you cook faster and more efficiently. When it comes to gas fryers, Jean's will help you find the fryer that is just right for you.

Electric Fryers: Electric fryers are perfect for restaurants that are adding to their current kitchen set up. If there are no available gas lines to hook a fryer up to, and instead of spending more to have gas lines laid, the electric fryer is perfect. In the event that gas lines are not available, then electric fryers are the avenue to follow. You can easily fit these electric fryers into you kitchen and budget!