Why Buy an Efficient Fryer?


*Fuel Cost based on ASTM study cooking 225 lbs of French fries daily at $1.30/therm for 14 hrs, 365 days.
**Oil Cost based on $17.50 per 35 lbs of oil, being changed twice a week with a Economy Gas Fryer and once a week with the High-Efficiency Gas Fryer.

Let’s forget about your great savings for a moment and talk about something else most important, customer satisfaction! It is a known fact, that if your fried food doesn’t taste good consistently, you will lose customers.

There’s 3 things important to everyone; love, money and food. Of course most people have them prioritized differently, but yet the same. As an example, remember when you first fell in love, you would be willing to drive 5 hours or more just to be together, or a restaurant you enjoyed their food, you will be willing to travel for that great tasting meal. And of course we all want to save money, to have more money. Point is, how can I make my customers be willing to drive a long way to enjoy some good fried food at a low price? The answer is taste, consistent flavor and low fuel & oil cost.

To produce crispy tasting fries consistently, the oil temperature needs to be maintained at 350°F - 375°F between batches. Because when the oil is properly heated, it will instantly cook the outside, sealing the juices inside, not allowing oil or grease to seep in, turning the juice inside into steam, steaming the product from inside out, giving you a crispy tasting fry. But if the oil temperature is not holding the heat to the right temperature between batches not allowing any recovery time, you’ll be producing soggy fries. So with an efficient fryer, it will maintain the oil temperature at the right heat, batch after batch.

With an efficient filtration system, it’ll take about 5 minutes to filter the oil, compared to the pour out method that takes an hour or more. Plus getting higher production time, because you can shut one bank off at a time, allowing you to run your operation as normal without turning away customers, or serving poor quality product.

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