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Food Warmers
Counter top food warmers cover a broad spectrum of equipment which function exactly as the name implies. Here you will find buffet warmers, soup warmers, heated merchandisers, rethermalizers, heat lamps, and heat lamp bulbs. We have food warming equipment for all areas of the food service industry. Generally food warmers are not intended to cook food but merely to keep them hot for long periods of time.

Hot Plates
Unlike food warmers, counter top hot plates are a great way to cook meals. Counter top hotplates function like a standard range and come in both electric and gas. Be aware though that even though a hot plate is on the countertop, you will still need adequate ventilation in your building. We also offer outdoor and portable counter top hot plates which work using propane fuel. Counter top hot plates are versatile in that they give you cooking power in otherwise in accessible areas. They require less space and are very easy to work with or adapt to an existing kitchen line up.

Countertop microwaves are one of the most often used cooking appliances. They are easy to use and familiar to most employees. Make no mistake however that these are commercial countertop microwaves intended for commercial use. The difference between residential microwave ovens and commercial ovens is the amount of wattage used to heat the product and the durability of the microwave's components. Commercial microwaves can heat large quantities at a time and are deigned for constant, all day usage. Many advanced microwaves have programmable cooking times and presets to help make your shift run faster.

Like microwaves, countertop toasters are very familiar since most of us have a toaster at home. But unlike the toaster in your home, commercial toasters are built for heavy duty applications, producing dozens of toast batches all day long. Some toaster ovens even come with multiple decks for higher volume requirements. Countertop toaster is a term that also encompasses other types of toasting equipment such as conveyor toasters, sandwich toasters, and pannini grills.

Found in virtually every kitchen and deli, counter top slicers are very versatile and come in a wide assortment of sizes. Slicers are denoted by the size of blade they have to cut with. These slicer blades can range from a few inches to a foot or more in diameter. The size of blade you will need should be decided by the size of product you will slice. Countertop slicers can be placed almost anywhere since the require no vent hood or combustible clearance and maintain a relatively small foot print.

Countertop mixers are also widely popular due to there versatility and ease of use. Mixers are found especially in bakeries and kitchens were all the batters and dressings are made from scratch. Countertop mixers can be either electrical or manual and come with a wide variety of mixer attachments.

Food Processors
Food processors in essence are tools used to aid the process of grinding, chopping, slicing, and cutting a wide assortment of fruits, vegetables and meats. Food processors make the kitchen prep work easier and faster. We have a huge selection of meat grinders, slicers, vegetable cutters and food processing machines to take your kitchen to the next level.