3M Scotch-Brite 701 Quick Clean Griddle Liquid 1 qt. / 32 oz.

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3M Scotch-Brite 701 Quick Clean Griddle Liquid


   If you need something to clean your griddle, then this liquid griddle cleaner is just what you need. The Scotch-Brite 701 is safe for use on food contact surfaces and easy to use. Unlike other griddle cleaning chemicals this formula does not contain any caustic soda. No rinse necessary. Plus there are no strong chemical odors or irritating fumes. All chemical components are G.R.A.S. listed ("Generally Recognized as Safe" as compiled by the FDA)


   In order to work, the cleaner must be used on a hot griddle (300-350°F). It will then remove any carbonized grease and burnt food soil in as little time as three to five minutes. It is recommended that you use this method of cleaning every day, especially since it takes so little time. If this is done every day, it will eventually eliminate the need for you to use a degreaser. Yes, there are many other ways to clean a griddle, such as griddle bricks, lemon juice, steel wool, and oven cleaners, but those methods are sometimes time consuming, messy, and do not clean to the same standard that the Scotch-Brite 701 does.




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Manufacturer 3M Purification
Brand/Mfr. Scotch-Brite
Model No. 701
Size 1 qt.
Type Griddle Cleaner / Degreaser
Chemical Form Liquid
Temp Range 300 - 350 Degrees F
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